1 Mar 2012


Hi again,this is my baked cheese cake version. What do you think??? Well it might be not as pretty as yours but i am very sure this one is tastes absolutely fantastic!!! Just can't wait till it chilled up in the fridge, but you know it's best served when chilled.I just have to yelled over my children from keep opening the fridge or the cake won't cool up,hehe...i understand how it feels like, i knew it better, it's my cake anyway, i am not feeling excited just like them, it's full of nervous feeling, what would it taste like???what if it taste horrible????Bla,bla,bla...hehe...Well, when the moment of truth come, the first slice revealed everything, the cake is perfectly cooked & tastes fantastic. You don't have any idea just how happy i am, for all over the years, i keep buying from the nearest bakery  & now i can bake it my self. What a waste of time & money, it is just actually that easy. Huhh!!!...a big sigh,hehe...Okey, now i'm gonna stop sharing my joyful moment, let's start writing the ingredients....: ) 

Baked oreo cheese cake

Ingredients / Bahan2:

Base / Dasar:
200g Oreo biscuits - finely crushed / hancurkan halus
50g Melted butter / mentega cair

Filling / Inti:
750g Cream cheese / krim keju
130g Sugar / gula
1/2 tbsp vanilla essence / esen vanila
3 eggs / telur
200g whipping cream / krim putar tenusu
15 pieces Oreo biscuits - halved / belah separuh

Method / Cara2:
1. Mix the base ingredients & press onto the bottom of greased 20 cm springform tin. Bake at 160 C for 10 min, set aside to cool.
1. Satukan bahan2 untuk dasar & tekan dalam loyang springform 20 cm yang telah di griskan. Bakar pada suhu 160 C selama 10 min, sejukkan.

2. Cream A until smooth. Add B & cream until well blended.
2. Pukul bahan A hingga lembut. Masukkan B & pukul lagi hingga sebati.

3. Add C one at a time & cream until smooth.
3. Masukkan C satu persatu & pukul hingga lembut.

4. Add D & cream until well combined. Add E & stir until well mixed.
4. Masukkan D & pukul hingga sebati. Masukkan pula E & gaul rata.

5. Pour the cheese filling over prepared biscuit base.
5. Tuang inti ke dalam dasar yang telah di sediakan.

6. Bake at 160 C for 50 min or until centre is almost set.Let the cake cool completely 1 hour.Then, cover the cake with cling or aluminium foil & refrigerate for about 5 hours or overnight.
6. Bakar pada suhu 160 C selama 50 min atau hingga tengah kek hampir masak.Biarkan kek sejuk selama 1 jam. Kemudian, bungkus dengan cling atau foil aluminium & sejukkan sekurang-kurangnya 5 jam atau semalaman.

Ready to be served.......

My baked Oreo cheese cake......


Sally Rashid said...

Saya suka baked cheesecake
Yang chilled saya tak suka

Evelyn Gemina said...

Haha, samalah kita kak sally....

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