8 Feb 2012



Gorgeous cake isn't it???pretty appetizing when craving for something special....so colourful & joyful cake...when i first saw this recepi i'm very excited to gave a try, but actually this is the recepi that my mother always baked, won't miss especially xmas time..: )...she used to baked this recepi originally, means it's plain & no colour...so times goes by that everyone would love the new idea, so here we go...the recepi with colour...trust me, it'll turn out to be such a delightful rainbow colour with a cottony texture cake, plus the sweetness of the caramel & the yummy pudding on top....Perfecto!!!

But it really need a careful step in the making process in order to make sure everything is following the recepi instruction, but no worries...i'm succeeded on the first attempt...who knows right???just bake with your heart & i'll turn to be your flavour...: )


Ingredients / Bahan2:
2 tbsp caster sugar / 2 sb gula kastor

400g evaporated milk / 400g susu cair
3 tbsp caster sugar / 3 sb gula kastor
6 large egg yolks / 6 biji kuning telur
1/2 tsp vanilla essence / 1/2 sk esen vanila

140g self raising flour / 140g tepung naik sendiri
3 tbsp caster sugar / 3 sb gula kstor
3 large egg yolks / 3 biji kuning telur
135ml evaporated milk @ fresh milk / 135ml susu cair @ susu segar
45ml corn oil / 45ml minyak jagung

6 large egg whites / 6 biji putih telur
3 tbsp icing sugar / 3 sb gula halus
1/2tsp cream of tartar / 1/2 sk cream of tartar

Method / Cara-cara :

1. Cook the sugar in A until caramelizing in a round 9 inch layer. Set aside.

2. Put the egg yolk, sugar, vanilla & evaporated milk in B ingredients into a bowl.

3. Mix the ingredients until well mix (do not over mix it until bubbled).

4. In another bowl, add in sugar from C ingredients.

5. Scale the flour.

6. Add in baking powder into the flour.

7. Sift the flour mixture.

8. Make a hole in the center.

9.  Add in the yolks.

10. Add in the corn oil.

11.  Add in the water.

12. Mix the batter, set aside.

13.  In the mixer bowl, put the egg whites & sugar.

14. Beat the egg whites & sugar.

15. Add in cream of tartar.

 16. Beat until soft peaks.

17. Pour 1/2 of C batter into the beaten egg whites.

18. Fold in the batter together.

19. Add in the remaining batter.

20. Fold in until well mix.

21. Divide the batter evenly into several portions ( i divide into 5 portions).

22. Add in 1/8 tsp of the food colouring into each bowl.

23. Mix until no white streaks remain.

24. Take the layer & wrap with aluminium foil.

25. Sift B ingredients into the layer.

26. This is how it looks like, smooth & no bubble.

27. Then, choose 1 colour & pour 3 tbsp of the coloured batter in the middle of the custard pudding in the layer. Gradually pour in each colour...3 tbsp, 2 tbsp & 1 tbsp....continue the step & do it until finish.

28. Take a large layer & place the layer with batter into it.

29. Pour hot water into the base layer to bake it in water-bath.

30. Put into preheated oven & bake 1 hour.

31. This is how it looks like after 1/2 an hour ( do not open the oven or it'll collapse).

32. When the cake is cooked, let it rest in the oven for 1o min & take it out. Remove from water-bath.

33. Run a knife round the layer to loosen.

34. Remove the aluminium foil.

35. Place the cake board or flat large plate on top of the cake.

36. Invert it up side down carefully.

37. Slowly lift up the layer. Cool completely on wire rack before refrigerate.

                                                         Ready to be served...

Sweet dessert treat......


rahel said...

Selamat petang..pa khabar?
Cantek sangat kek rainbow karamel tu...
oh ya,thanks sudi singgah n follow dapur Rahel..


Selamat ptg kak rahel....tq jgk sbb sudi singgah..; )....buat lapar jak tgk dapur kak rahel 2,hahaha..

norlieharumaini said...

bestnya step by step..

Evelyn Gemina said...

Tq kak norlieharumaini sbb sudi singgah, amboi panjangnya nama, berbelit2 jari menaip ni,hehe...

Kak Jie Jie said...

TQ Evelyn.......

Evelyn Gemina said...

Thank you to you too kak jie jie : )

NorSuHaiNi said...

saya dah pernah buat... tp karamelnyer pecah... 2 kali dh... dan naper ek? boleh tlg advice x? thanks...

Evelyn Gemina said...

Salam Norsuhaini, sorry lambat reply, karamel bila dibiarkan pada suhu bilik agak lama mmg akan pecah, supaya karamel nampak cantik, jangan masak terlalu lama hingga warnanya gelap, cukup sekadar warna perang lembut saja & pastikan masa masak gula karamel tu semuanya sekata dlm loyang.

ila_zara said...

Slm sis evelyn.. sy mau tnya utk apa ltak foil d tepi loyang tu? Hehe...

Anonymous said...

salam kak, mau tnya boleh ka sy gunakan bekas aluminium utk bakar kek ni? xperlu gunakan loyang lagi.tq kak

Anonymous said...

Salam sis. No info on amt of water..n baking powder..baking temperature n for how long

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